Orders and Delivery

How far in advance should I place my order?

Because all our products are baked fresh from scratch, we require advanced notice to fulfill all orders. We recommend placing your order at least 24 hours in advance.

We also prepare extra product each day to accommodate walk in customers or rush orders. Please Contact Us for additional details.

Where do you deliver?

Buttercup Bake Shop in Manhattan

We deliver all throughout Manhattan up to 125th street with a flat rate of only $12.50 per delivery!

We deliver 7 Days a week from 9 am to 6 pm and require a $35 minimum on all delivery orders. Please see our Delivery Zone for more information on our delivery area.

Do you deliver outside Manhattan

We do delivery outside our standard delivery zone for special events. Please call us and speak with a manager about options for delivery.

If I live outside the US, is it still possible to send a gift to someone?

Yes! Simply go to our online ordering system, and you can pick out the dessert you’d like us to deliver. Be sure to include a notecard with a personalized message so that the recipient knows which lovely person sent them the treats!
Please note that often international credit cards will have additional security, and you may need to contact your bank before we are able to process the order.

Why can’t I have my dessert order ready for me in an hour?

We have freshly baked 7″ Red Velvet, Chocolate, Buttercup Golden layer cakes available every day in our case to meet those last-minute special occasions. However, all of our goods are baked fresh from scratch, so calling ahead is necessary.


How should I store your desserts?

Cakes and Cupcakes should be left out at room temperature and kept in an air-tight container or in our packaging. Please do not refrigerate these items.

Pies, puddings, and cheesecakes should be kept refrigerated.

How long will my desserts stay fresh?

Cakes and cupcakes should be consumed within two days of purchase.

Pies, puddings, and cheesecakes should be consumed within three days of purchase.

Special Events

Do you do wedding cakes? How about cupcake wedding cakes?

While we don’t do traditional tiered wedding cakes, many people choose our layer cakes as a fun, old-fashioned alternative. Cupcake trees are becoming a huge hit among our clientele, and we offer tiered stands in three sizes to accommodate weddings of all sizes. See our Special Events page or call for more details.

Can you match your icing to my party colors?

While we offer a wide variety of buttercream colors, custom matching is particularly difficult with food. We are happy to work with you to find something close or complementary in our palette to suit your needs.

I know you inscribe and decorate cakes; how about cupcakes?

Yes we can write a letter or a word on a single cupcake. (We’ve even written “Will you marry me?” on four cupcakes!) We can also decorate a cupcake with a simple drop flower and leaves.


Are your goods kosher?

Yes! Everything is dairy kosher certified by the IKC. (We are not parve kosher).

No, none of our desserts contain any artificial trans-fats.

Are you a peanut-free environment?

While very few of our items contain peanuts or peanut butter, our pans are used interchangeably. Therefore, our desserts are not suitable for people with severe allergies.

Do you make anything vegan or gluten-free?

We’re working on some recipes now, so stay tuned!! But as of right now we have not perfected anything to go on our permanent menu.